Monday, October 29, 2012

Is It Weird That...

I've been doing A LOT of link-ups for my blog lately, time for me to actually blog about me. Don't get me wrong, I love linking up and meeting new friends, but I owe it to myself and my followers to blog about more.
I come across A LOT of blogs about DIY projects, cooking, fashion, fitness, etc. and I absolutely love it. I learn so much from reading other people's posts and what they're up to. And that got me thinking - what can other people learn from me? As I stated in my earlier posts, my main reason for starting my blog was to bring awareness about Endometriosis (what I have). However, it can get quite repetitive and depressing. I mean, who really wants to blog about their disease on a daily basis? I sure as hell don't. All of these other blogs that I come across are almost like an escape for me. I know that everyone out there has their own problem/problems that they deal with, but I think it's such a beautiful thing how we can still manage to write about what we love and how we deal with life's little obstacles. 
 Now that I got that out of the way...
A lot of the blogs I come across are very girly and feminine. I almost feel like I get to live vicariously through other people's "girly" posts. I say that because ever since I can remember, I never did do or like the typical "girly" things.
Is it weird that...
I've never dyed my hair. Never. Not once. I absolutely hate the idea of having to sit through the process, the maintenace, the money, the roots, the damage. I just dont' have the patience. Plus, my natural hair color is a mixture of three colors - brown with bits of red & blonde (thanks to my Spanish & Italian great-grandparents), so how would I even go about dying it back to my natural hair color?! So many questions for something I've never done.
Is is weird that...
I absolutely hate getting my nails done. The weird part is I ALWAYS have them painted and/or done...but I hate it. I hate waiting for them to dry. I hate sitting at the nail salon listening to other women talking about me in another language. I hate how even after I've waited long enough for them to dry, I still manage to mess them up. Gah!
Is it weird that...
I hate spas. You're probably thinking, "whaaaattt?!." Yeah, I know. I just can't handle them. The waiting around for having x amount of treatments done and their "promise" of how they're going to do wonderful things for your skin, mind & soul? No thanks. I'll do it myself.
Is it weird that...
I prefer horror movies over romantic ones ANY day. Don't get me wrong, I love my chick flicks and having a good cry. But I love a good scare and having a cuddle buddy to be scared with.
Is it weird that...
 I am obsessed with cars. Fast cars. I grew up in a family of car lovers. My dad and brother taught me everything I needed to know. I have always been "that girl" that all of my friends came to for car advice. Show me a car and I can name the year, make & model, horse power, engine size, etc. You can find me at car shows on certain weekends with my dad :)
Here's MY baby:
My pride and joy...and why I work my ass off. And why I hate seeing my car note every month. Bahaha.
Is it weird that...
I went from wanting to be a teacher, to a psychiatrist, to a lawyer, and now a police office (my actual dream). I cannot picture the rest of my life sitting behind a desk and being someone's bitch assistant. No gracias. This girl has bigger plans for herself.
However, this girl loves to shop and cook! So I'm guessing my momma's genes found their way somehow ;) My mom is the BEST cook ever. Hands down. I invite everyone to have dinner with my family and I can guarantee that you will all agree. This woman is known in my town for her cooking skills. Ever since I can remember, my mom has always been quite the fashionista -always well put together with her fancy shoes and to die for purses. She always taught me to look my best so I can feel my best. But...she still yells at me when I sometimes show up to her house in jeans and a hoodie. Oops.
I guess all of us have our own likes and dislikes. That's why I love my group of friends because of the diversity amongst all of us. I don't like plain and bland anything -colors, food, friends, or life. Give me spice and some fun.


  1. Great Post chica! And none of it is weird! I've never been a girly girl ever... I dye my hair only because I have so many grey ones popping out and I LOVE CARS!! I own a 2006 Black Mustang With very dark tint and a stereo that would knock your socks off!!! BTW I LOVE YOUR CAR!!!

  2. I'm a total girly girl and I'm good with cars too. In fact, my husband said that's one reason he fell in love with me.. our mutual love of cars. ;)

    My Mom is a fantastic cook as well. I come from a long line of great cooks, so I have big shoes to fill. I'm learning. Slowly, but I'm learning.