Sunday, December 30, 2012

Almost Done

I suck so much at keeping up with blogging. 

I've spent so much time reading other people's blogs that I just completely neglected my blogging duties. 

Since 2012 is almost gone, I wanted to write one last time and reflect on the past year. 

As I've mentioned in my previous posts, I have been in the process of applying for police departments and sweet baby jesus has it been a process. It's always something that's been in the back of my mind and I finally grew a pair and decided to pursue it. It definitely hasn't been easy. Luckily, my brother is a police officer and has been a tremendous amount of help which prevented me from going into the process completely blind. My biggest goal for 2013 is to get my name on as many lists as possible and hopefully get called back by a department within the next two years. For all of you who don't really know the process of becoming a police officer, it's an extremmeeelllly long process that deals with magazine length applications, written tests, physical's, oral interviews, background checks, polygraph tests, psychological exams, and medical exams. It's exhausting and the biggest waiting game of your life. 

**Crossing my fingers that something great happens**

I had surgery over the summer and was diagnosed with Endometriosis (you bitch). That was the main reason why I started my blog - I wanted to bring awareness to women about this horrible, horrible disease. If you go back to my earlier posts, you'll see what I'm talking about (sorry for not providing the links to said posts, I'm lazy hee hee). Anyway, as I continued blogging, I decided to redirect my focus and not dedicate my entire blog to my health issues. It was actually quite depressing to keep writing about my pain so I stopped. I know some bloggers dedicate their entire blogs to chronicling their journey's with their health issues but I just couldn't do it. Don't get me wrong, I find those types of blogs inspiring and very informative, but I had a hard time doing it myself. 

The last 6 months have been some of the most trying and emotional months of my life, and not because of my surgery or police testing. But because of a guy. 
It's always because of a damn boy. 
I haven't divulged too much info about my personal life on here but let's just say my heart belongs to a certain firefighter who has made me fallen in love with him beyond belief. Unfortunately, our relationship took a bit of a pause when things weren't going well career wise. It's been rough. REALLY rough. I've been angry. I've cried more times than humanly possible. But I've held on to hope and that's what's kept me going. Fortunately, things have gotten much better and we are on the path to getting things right again. I can only hope that everything will fall into place and work out for the best.

Let me just tell you guys one thing, dating public service men is NOT easy. Sweet Jesus do they make you want to pull your hair out and beat them with a bat. Kidding. Not really. And I'm over here trying to get into the same profession. What am I thinking?! Funny how matters of the heart work. 

Alright, enough about the sappy stuff. 

So this fall/winter season, I developed some obsessions. Well, not really developed, the obsessions were always there, I just finally acted on them lol. 

Let's take a look: 

Obsession #1: Leggings

I hate wearing pants. Absolutely hate them. So I decided to wear leggings as much as I can. Don't worry, I'm not one of those girls that wears them with itty bitty shirts that don't cover your butt. I'm not that unclassy. Jeans have always been difficult for me to shop for. I'm 5'3 but rarely find pants that fit me well length wise. I also end up getting some major bunch-age around my knees. I don't get it. They can literally be the tightest pants on the planet but will still manage to be loose and bunchy around the knees. I haaate it. Leggings alleviates all of this for me. I'm able to pair them with cute boot socks or leg warmers and call it a day. I don't care what anyone says, leggings make me happy so I'll keep on wearing them. 

Obsession #2:

Steve Madden shoes. 

Ok, this is going to sound November,I bought 6 pairs of Steve Madden shoes in the span of 3 weeks. I couldn't help it. I went into the store and it was almost as if the beautiful shoes were screaming to get on my not so pretty feet and make them look pretty. I couldn't resist. I've bought 2 pairs of combat boots, 1 pair of riding boots, and 2 pairs of heels. Sadly, it probably won't stope there. My mother would kill me and/or send me to some type of shopaholics anonymous classes if she were to find out. Eeek. 

Obsession #3:


Not for me per se, but for little girls. Actually, if I could wear tutus everyday, I would. But I can't. Instead, I buy them for my 1.5 year old Goddaughter. Her mom hates tutus and refuses to put them on her but she can't refuse them if Nina Stephanie buys them for her :) I also bought the cuuuutest tutu outfit for one of the guy's daughter's at work. I was super thrilled when he told me that the mom loved it and even made it her Thanksgiving outfit :) 

Obsession #4


Yes, the store. It's my second home. And it's next door to Steve Madden. Bad combo. 

Obsession #5


Ok, girls. Seriously. Their workout clothes are the After I started my training, I had to stock up on work out clothes. I had some previous stuff from back in the day when I used to work out, but I was never a fan of what I wore. I always had issues with shorts riding up, shirts not fitting right, running tights NOT being tight, etc. I knew I needed good stuff to keep my shorts in place when running, keep my shirts from riding up when lifting weights, and keep my bootay looking good when on the treadmill. I was introduced to lululemon earlier this year and completely fell in love with all of their clothes. Not gonna lie, their prices are a bit ridiculous but the money you spend is completely worth it. So for my fellow gym rats, check their stuff out. Not only will you get great quality attire, but you'll look cute while flexin your guns ;) 

I think that sums up my major obsessions from the past months. 

Wonder what new obsessions 2013 will bring?

To all in blogger land, have a wonderful new year! 

<3 Steph 

Friday, December 14, 2012

Left Unsettled

Newtown, CT will never be the same. 

It is still very difficult to grasp what has happened. So many young, innocent lives taken. And of course, the lives of those who made it their career to protect and educate those little souls. 

I will admit that I have not watched any coverage on this. The media can be so monstrous in depicting real-life events that I'd rather seek out the information from legitimate sources (not saying that these "legitimate" sources are 100% accurate). As a Political Science major, I was taught that the media will misconstrue and twist every detail around  just to get the publicity that they need/want. For that reason, I was taught to really research the facts. Not just what Mr. & Mrs. CNN-NBC-FOX (gag) people want me to believe. These innocent lives that were taken were feeling more than any of us will ever be able to understand. Their horrific and unfortunate demise do not deserve to be exploited. 

And then comes the ultimate question: Why did this happen?

As someone who always needs to have an answer to everything, an explanation for this tragedy will never replace those lives. Even if we get an answer, we're still left with the horrible realization of what really happened. And with questions comes blame. We are a nation that loves to blame someone else for our problems. Some people are blaming gun control, insufficient mental health programs, and God. This is isn't God's fault. This isn't the fault of a gun being purchased. Adam Lanza willfully did what he did. It's always easier to point the finger to something or someone else and I can understand why people are doing it in this case. But instead of jumping to conclusions and putting the blame on others and turning this into yet another political war, embrace your life and your loved ones who share it with you. I'm a huge believer in prayer and God, but God didn't do this. This doesn't mean that Adam Lanza "needed" God. He was a human being who had a choice. He chose to do what he did today. God is aware of this. God has his own reasoning for this. But it's not His fault. 

I'm a gun advocate (hence my desire to become a police officer) and I am already seeing people battling it out because many believe that guns are the problem. I could not disagree more. Guns do not possess feelings. Guns do not wake up and say, "Today, I'm going to take the lives of 26 innocent lives." The person who decided to pull the trigger is the murderer, not the gun. I have a friend who said that there aren't these types of mass shootings in Europe because they have gun control and how America should adopt those same policies. While I see where he is coming from, it's illogical. Yes, Europe has complete different gun laws (I lived in London for 5 weeks), their police officers do not even cary guns, but just because it works for them does not mean it will work for us. For one, the European lifestyle is COMPLETELY different than ours. It would take DECADES for our society to even remotely mimic theirs. There is already too much money and power invested in the firearms industry, it just wouldn't work. 

My heart aches for all of those parents who will not have the joy of seeing their little ones anymore. The pain of seeing all of their unopened Christmas presents. The confusion and anger that they will probably harbor for the rest of their lives. I can only hope that with every day that passes by, they seek comfort with their loved ones and hold on to the beautiful memories that they shared with their children. They will one day meet again. 

I came to visit my parent's this weekend after not having done so for 2 weeks. I came sick beyond belief and even at 25 years old, I still have the privilege of coming home to parents to take care of me. Their love and admiration for me is no different at 25 than it was when I was 5. And it kills me that those parents won't ever experience that. 

My deepest prayers, thoughts, and condolences go out to all those affected by this tragedy. Love everyone in your life, tell them that you love them every day, and never forget just how short life can be. It only takes one second for a person's life to be changed forever. 

Sickly Friday

It's Friday. And I feel like a dead dog. Sick as heyyyall.
Linking up with Leslie , these are my confessions (I can't help but to start singing Usher's Confession's song when I say that)...
I confess...that I am one sick mess. I can't win this winter. I just can't. And of course, I haddd to get sick this week...
I confess... that because of said sickness, I will have to miss my police exam tomorrow. I am VERY upset with this. I would suck it up and go but considering they're administering both the physical AND written tests on the same day, no way I'll last all 6-8 hours. I was sick for a previous police exam, but since it was broken up into two days, I was able to tough it out. Plus, this cough sounds and feels horrendous. I doubt all of the other candidates would want to put up with my sickly sef **sigh**
I confess... that I will be heading home this weekend to my parent's house to have my momma take care me of me and make me all of her crazy Mexican concoctions to get me better. Annnddd maybe I can get my dad to spoil me some. What dad likes to see theei 25 year-old daughter sick? Tee hee hee.
I confess... last night was my job's Christmas party and I had a fabulous time eventhough I was coughing and sneezing my life away. I avoided talking to people in the beginning only because my cough was so bad that I could hardly hold more than a 5 second conversation. I danced my booty off and now cannot feel my toes on my left foot. Literally, they're numb. I must've pinched a nerve or something. Oh well. The lunch was held at Chicago Cut Steakhouse and the reception was held at Vertigo Skylounge. Both places were fabbuulous. My company knows how to get down.
Karla, me, Vanessa. KJS Trio. Taken at Chicago Cut Steakhouse.
Vanessa and me at the reception - Vertigo Skylounge at the Dana Hotel. Downtown Chicago. BEAUTIFUL skyline.
I confess... since I unfortunately will be missing out on tomorrow's police exam, I will be filling out 2 more applications for police departments. This little lady means business with this!
I confess... that I was just informed about the tragic shooting in Connecticut. I CANNOT believe how many innocent little kids were killed in this sensless act. People are sick. People suck. Another reason why I want to work in law enforcement. And another thing, all of these comments from people that I keep reading saying, "I thought we lived in the safest place in America"...stop it. Living in the nicest neighborhood isn't going to make you invincible from violence. Stop being oblivious to the fact that anyone can wake up one day with pure evil in their heart and execute a horrible act of violence. Bad things don't just happen in the hood, people. Get your facts straight and stop thinking that your community is exempt from all violence.
On that note...
I hope everyone has a great and safe weekend!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Pinteresting Wednesday!

Happy Hump Day.
I woke up sick. I feel absolutely terrible and this is the WORST time for me to get sick. I have my job's Christmas party tomorrow on top of another police exam this Saturday. I CANNOT be this sick come Saturday.
Anywho...let's pin!
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Bahaha, for real!
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Winter coziness....just not in Chicago :/
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I can never get my nails to look like this
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Monday, December 10, 2012


It's only 11:06 and this Monday has already started off on the wrong foot. I haven't mentioned much about the neighbors that live above me but that's about to change right now.
My roommate and I live in a condo building that has four floors, we are on the third. We have the corner unit so it's pretty nice not having neighbors next to us. The neighbors across from us are super cool and have never had a problem with them. However, the obnoxious people who live above us have made living there quite the experience. Long story short: they're loud, obnoxiously loud. We have communicated with them several times about their noise level (and not to mention the time their washer overflowed and leaked into our laundy room, all while they were home and had absolutely no idea what was going on. IDIOTS) but it hasn't helped much. We've even had our landlord talk to them. Recently, their obnoxious noise level has also turned into long ongoing sex fests through out the night and in the morning. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not hating on them for that. Go ahead and get it, but C'MON, their bed is RIGHT above me and I can hear evvveerrryyyything. I brought this up to them (pretty sure they were embarrassed, but I have a minimal social filter and like to make people feel absolutely terrible when annoying me for whatever reason) and it seemed to have calmed down just a bit. Whatever. Fine.
Well, this morning as my roommate was leaving for work, she texted me telling me that someone had removed our names from our mailbox. This is the second time this has happened. The first time, we only had a flimsy little piece of paper on their so we didn't think much of it. We replaced it with a pretty big piece of paper with tape over it. So this tells us that whoever removed it deliberately did so considering you actually had to try and stand there to peel everything off. I was irate. Play all the pranks you want but don't fuck with my mail. Excuse my french. I'm also certain that it's safe to assume that it is them who are doing this. We have absolutely no other problems or complaints with any of the other neighbors. So now I'm thinking on what I can do. Legally and personally, they don't know who they are messing with. I can either let it go (which I never do) or retaliate in a very meticulous, clever way (which I am phenomenal at doing).
What a joy, right?
My weekend was quite eventful.
Friday - I was suposed to go out for my friend's girlfriend's birthday. Didn't happen. Instead, I spent it at the ER with one of my best friends. She was complaining of chest pains that were getting worse throughout the day. She ended up leaving work at around 1:30, I joined her at 5, and we didn't get out until 10 at night! Ridiculous. I've had my share of ER visits so I knew it was going to take a while, but not THAT long. Unfortunately, the dr's couldn't figure out what was wrong so they sent her home with pain meds. Poo.
Saturday: My roommate and I went to our boss' Christmas party which was the We stuffed our faces with delicious food and desserts, I had 5 pomegranate martinis and 4 shots of Patron ( can we say LUSH or whaaat). I rarely drink anymore. The last time I legitimately got white girl wasted was about 2 years ago. So you can just imagine what I was like. Ha. Surprisingly, I didn't wake up with a terrible hangover. Tired, yes. But no pounding headache that felt like baby aliens were trying to come out. Sadly, I did not take any pictures so I can't share with you just how awesome the food and decorations were.
Sunday: Ate, laundry, ate some more, studied, bed.
This week is my job's Christmas party and things get ROWDY reallllll fast. I promise to take pics that day to share.
I have another police exam this Saturday so that means hardcore studying and gym time.
Now I have to get back and plot my revenge on the wretched neighbors.
I hope everyone has a much more fabulous Monday! <3