Sunday, February 24, 2013

Shame. Not Really.

The Oscars are on and I'm not watching them. 

Instead, I went out for a girls movie date and saw Safe Haven. Josh Duhamel is such a hottie. 

I'm pretty sure he's at the Oscar's right now with Fergie and her lovely baby bump. See what I did there? Yes? No? Ok, moving on. 

Why don't I watch the Oscars? Because I don't think I have the same critique and standards when it comes to movies compared to most of the population. It reeeaaallly takes a lot for me to dislike a movie. Or to criticize it until I can't breathe. I love movies and I'm constantly going to the theater to see what's playing. But do I get excited about screenplays, video effects, best supporting actor, blah blah blah? Absolutely not. 

Now the Grammys? Pheewwwwww that's a whole different story, partner. As I've mentioned in a previous post, I have been watching the Grammys since 1999. I love music, all types of music. Now that's something I have a strong opinion and critique about. Perhaps it's because I was in band for almost 10 years and developed a thing or two when it comes to music and its composition. 

But to each their own, right? 

I'll be catching up on who won what, who wore what, and who did who...what? 


Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday Part Deux

Am I allowed to blog twice in one day? 

Oh well.

It's Friday night, I'm at my parent's house making some tea and preparing to watch some videos on weapon manipulation (thrilling, I know) and I got to thinking...

My life is about to change. 

I've pretty much revealed to the world that I have been hired as a police officer for an Illinois police department. I'm not going to lie - I am beyond nervous, terrified, excited, grateful - you name it, I'm feeling it. 

I've gotten a good response from people considering I kept it very low key. However, my parents have been the ones to take it the hardest, more so my mom. I don't blame her. She's already had to go through this with my brother (he's a detective) and I can remember the sleepless and stressful nights she and my dad has once he was out patrolling the streets. The last thing I want to do is cause fear and stress to my parents, or to any of my loved one for that matter. But I also can't live the rest of my life wondering "what if" about my career/future. 

I chose a profession that not many women go into. I chose a profession that requires risking my life every second of my life, and funny enough, none of that actually scares me. The politics, advancements, stress on my personal relationships is what scares me the most. I've always been a tough and aggressive girl and I've always had a good idea on how to handle rough situations in life, but I know I'm about to enter a whooooole different ball game. For one, I'm 5'3 and 110 lbs. In comparison to majority of other police officers, I'm freaking small. I may be small, but my drive to help people and stay alive isn't. 

Most of my girlfriends are extremely happy for me and terrified at the same time while my guy friends think it's "badass." Funny how two different perspectives are given off to the same profession. 

Here's another thing - I have Endometriosis, a chronic, extremely painful, gynecological disease. For the most part, I can manage the pain and get by. But when the pain hits, holy mother of Jesus does it hurt. And here I am entering a testosterone driven field that has minimal knowledge of female monthly pains. I'm really in for a doozy on this one. 

Point plank - I want to succeed and be the best police officer I can be. More than anything, I want to inspire young kids, especially girls, that a career in law enforcement can be obtained by anyone as long as you have the desire to work hard and help others at their worst. 

I almost chose to go to law school and become an attorney. Thank baby Jesus I didn't. I almost chose a career that would put me behind a desk and immersed in paperwork for the rest of my life, all because I thought it was "safe." Screw safe. Grow a pair and live your life. Become what you want to become. That's what I chose to do. 

I am no where finished with this police process. This is just the beginning. I still have 12 grueling weeks of the police academy followed by an additional 9-12 weeks of field training. On top of that, I still have to complete a probationary period with my department. So it'll be a LONG while before I can actually kick back and relax. 

Am I ready for this? You bet your ass I am. I have no other choice. 

News Revealed!

It's Friday y'all!!!
Let's begin, shall we?
Dear Chicago: You decided to finally get the most snow we've seen all year. Not only did you delay everyone and their momma this morning, but all your slush is ruining my pretty Steve Madden boots. Stop it.
Dear Body: Stop acting so weird. I've been to the doctor 3 times this week and have gotten a ridiculous amount of blood drawn and still no answer as to what's going on. Let's just say seeing a Rheumatologist for a possible autoimmune disorder is not how I wanted to spend my Friday morning.
Dear Justin Timberlake: WHY DID YOU NOW DECIDE TO GO ON TOUR THIS YEAR!?!?!?!? I more than likely will not be able to see your fine self and this breaks my heart. Jay-Z will also be co-headlining but I've already seen Jigga quite a few times in the past. Quite frankly, I prefer to see him when he performs with Kanye, but that's just me.
Dear Gym: You and I are going to become really good friends the next month. Be good to me.
Dear McDonald's: You were delicious today. It's Friday, it's cheat day, don't judge me. In my defense, I did order some oatmeal and a hashbrown.
Dear Mr. Firefighter: I miss your handsome self. Date night soon, please? Thanks.
And now for the news that I have been promising for quite some time now:
I have officially been hired by an Illinois Police Department!
(i will keep the department's name secret for safety purposes) 
I will start the police academy in April and will be in a 12 week training course.
For all of you who follow me, you know how long I've been working my ass off for this. It's been one hell of a waiting game and I am beyond excited and freakin nervous to begin this next part of my life :)
I will also not have a life for a very long time but let's not focus on that.
I have already notified my current employer and they have been quite great about it. Kind of. My boss knew it was going to happen at some point, I just don't think any of us expected it to be this soon. I've been working at this law firm for over 5 years, since I was 20 years old. That's a long time for someone in their twenties. I was fortunate enough to get the job when I was a junior in college and they hired me on full time after I graduated. I have learned an immense amount of knowledge of civil processes, law suits, statutes, etc. BUT it's not the side of the law I wanted to work for.
Here's to hoping everything works out!
I hope everyone has a fabulous and safe weekend! Keep it classy, just a little bit nasty, but never trashy.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Holy Moly Shit balls.
I pinky promise to reveal it later this week.

Monday, February 18, 2013


Buenas tardes to all in bloggerland! I (surprisingly) have some free time to write because I may or may not be playing hookie from work. Technically, I'm not, because I told my boss I wasn't coming in, but I originally was supposed to go in ---Gahhh I'm ranting now. 

I digress.

I still can't fully disclose the good news that I mentioned in my last post but I'm hoping that I will be able to share it with everyone relatively soon. **fingers crossed!**

This weekend was BUUUUSSY y'all. I'm talking conquering all of the Chicagoland area like it was my business. 

Friday: I spent it with Mr. Firefighter celebrating Valentine's Day (he was on shift the day of) and we had a delicious dinner at a tapas restaurant filled with great conversation and me swooning  at his handsome self. We tried an octopus tapas dish that was surprisingly very delicious. You don't really think of eating octopus for a Valentine's Day dinner, do ya? We also had these delicious shrimp and chorizo skewers which were the My mouth is watering just thinking about them #fatgirlproblems

Flowers from le firefighter. 

Unfortunately, I was not able to get pictures of us together from our evening. To be honest, we have maybe about 5 pictures together. I need to work on this because this is just unacceptable. Anywhoodle, after dinner, we came back to my place and watched End Of Watch (because I love anything cop related AND Jake Gyllenhaal is ridiculously good looking) while I oh so gloriously scarfed down a giant red velvet cupcake. Yum :)

Now, I've seen a lot of girls do crafty, cutesey candy related gifts for their men which I think is so cool, but let me tell you guys something: Mr. Firefighter is not a fan of desserts :( Like AT ALL. This man avoids them at all costs. He's very much into his physique and clean eating and it's nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get him to eat anything that has sugar in it. He has absolutely no problem ordering me ginormous desserts and laughing at me while I try to finish it all so I guess it works out. 

Saturday: Holy shit balls was Saturday one hectic day. I had 4 parties to attend. IN 3 DIFFERENT CITIES. I was in such a rush and was having some intense sweating attacks but I made it work. I spent majority of the day in my car but I was happy to see all of my friends and family, even if it was more a short amount of time. 

My Goddaughter's 15th Birthday. She is absolutely beautiful and I am so honored to be in her life and watch her become such a smart and beautiful young lady.

Ready for birthday celebrations.

Me and the birthday girl 
(no, she's not Chinese, just always looks like it)

It was Vanessa's birthday on Saturday and she had me drive alllll the way to Indiana just so I could shake my booty with her. We didn't get to the bar until 12:30 and STILL had to wait in line in below zero weather. Needless to say, I was not a happy girl waiting in that line. But once the bouncer let us in, I was ready to shake what my momma gave me. The best thing? I didn't wear heels so I thought that my feet wouldn't hurt as bad while dancing. Yeah, no. I was wrong. My feet were in pain just as if they had on some 6 inch heels on. Fail.

Sunday: Spent it recovering from all of the driving and booty shaking that I did. I also met up with my girl, Maria, and stuffed my face with french silk pie and a cup of coffee the size of my head. Can we say diabetic coma? 

I am still in need of some major sleep and a good meal because I am lacking in all of those departments. Friday needs to hurry up. 

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!


Monday, February 11, 2013

Hello, Monday.

It's Monday.
I hate Monday's.
This weekend was full of great news but I can't fully share with all my blogger friends just yet what the great news is - soon, I promise!
Grammy's were yesterday. I make it a priority to watch them every year. I first started watching them back in 1999 when the Backstreet Boys were nominated and I've been hooked ever since. Did anyone else find it slightly uncomfortable seeing Rihanna and Chris Breezy together? Ugh. I love them both...but not together. Do better for yourself, girlfriend.
Anywho. My life is about to become one chaotic mess. A good chaotic mess that is (I hope!). I'm trying to wrap my head around everything that is going on and everything that might happen. EEEE!!!!
Valentine's Day is just a couple of days away, are all of you ladies ready? Are you letting your Valentine do all of the planning or are you taking charge? I have decided to do all of the planning this year (because I'm a control freak)  so hopefully it turns out well.
My Monday is about to end in about an hour but only because I have a doctor's appointment - womp womp. And then maybe, just maybe, I'll hit the gym later. MAYBE.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Night.


So what if it's 10:30 pm on a Friday night and I'm at my parent's house? 

Friday is almost gone, so before it goes away, and the rest of you are getting your party on and droppin it like it's hot, I figured I'd do Friday's Letters from one of my favorite link-ups.

Dear Asshats who stole Mr. Firefighter's car: You all deserve millions of kicks to the face. You have made my week so stressful and I can only imagine just how much more stressed and angry Mr. Firefighter is. Just when things were looking  up, you guys haaad to steal his car and strip it of all it's parts. Karma is a biotch and it will catch up to ALL of you. 

Dear Credit Card Bill: Stop increasing in how much I owe. I had to pay rent today and now I have to pay you off, too. Ugh. Can't I just be 17 again?

Dear Chicago Winter: I hate you. That is all. 

Dear Superbowl: I may have to miss watching you this year **gasp** I haven't missed a superbowl in over 10 years. 

Dear Heating Pad: You're making my tummy feel so much better. Keep on doing what you're doing. 

Dear Diary: I don't have a diary. I just wanted to write that. 

Dear Bum By My Job: I hope you appreciated the two free meals you received from me this week. And all because you said I was beautiful and were honest about what you wanted. 

Dear America: Stop complaining about guns. Gun reform won't solve the problem. I come from the murder capital of the country that has some of the toughest gun laws - things don't change overnight. 


What a week. 

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!