Friday, October 26, 2012


Happy, Happy, Happy, Happy FRIDAY!
Dear Chicago Weather: It was 76 degrees yesterday and 43 degrees today. Make up your mind. Don't tease me with warm weather and then drop almost 40 degrees in less than a day. I can't handle knowing that I will not experience 70+ degree weather for at least another 8 months.
Dear Asshole: You'll get what's coming to you. Just remember that there's someone out there who is always smarter & one step ahead of you.  
Dear Whole Foods: I will be invading your aisles today after work. You and my credit card are going to have a love/hate relationship.
Dear Costume Contest That I Will Be Entering Tomorrow: I'm going to win. Everyone else just sit back and let me bask in my glory of awesome costume making skills.
Dear Left Knee: Stop acting up. I need you to be in working order for at least the next two months. I don't have time to be feeling like I'm 55 with arthritis.
Dear Tory Burch Boots: I am in love with you but WHY do you have to be so expensive!? You will be mine...after I sell one of my kidney's.  
Dear Girl Who Works at McDonald's: Thank you for always having my coffee ready when I come in and not making me wait 79 years to get it. You make my mornings so much better.
Dear Neighbors Who Live Above Me: Your constant noise is driving me insane. I have a feeling we're going to be entering a war of shouting matches. Bring out the guns.
Dear Obama: As much as I love you, your unexpected visit to Chicago yesterday made driving 899556 times worse than what it already is on a daily basis. Give your city a heads up when you're coming so I don't make dinner plans and spend my life in traffic. P.S. I am in complete love with your smile.
So glad this week is almost over. As I have stated all week, I am super excited for Halloween weekend and all its festivities. I'm even more excited to be seeing all of my friends who I haven't seen in almost 3 months! Crazy, right? After testing with police departments, filling out applications, studying & training at the gym, I haven't had much time for a social life. This week was my last "free" week until mid December and best believe I took advanatge of it.
My roommate and I went to go see Paranormal Activity 4 on Wednesday night. I LOVE scary movies but I don't feel as though this one was as scary as the other ones. Oh well. The couple sitting next to us were arguing from the moment they sat down. Midway through the movie, we see the girl slap her boyfriend in the face. I couldn't help but laugh - perhaps that took away the scare factor from the movie. Bahahaha.
I hope everyone has a fabulous & safe Halloween weekend! Check back next week to see what my costume is ;)
<3 Steph


  1. Whole Foods loves my bank account. My bank account, however, does not love Whole Foods. We try to eat clean and organic though, so WF is a must!

    And I'm with you on the warm/cool temps. I'm a summer baby and love the warmer weather! I'm finally starting to come around and accept the fact that it'll be a while before I get to wear my flip flops again. Booo.

    Found you from the linkup. Newest follower!

    Swing by if you can.


    1. Thanks for following! I went to Whole Foods yesterday and spent $60 on 4 things!! Ugh. But I'm with ya on eating clean & organic. I'm a summer baby too! Love the heat, cannot wait for summer to get here.