Friday, October 5, 2012

Hello, Friday.

friday friday friday

Happy Friday, amigos!

As promised, this is my attempt at keeping up with blogging. And let me just say that it's a little difficult posting this considering I am at work and my desk is completely visible by the entire office. Oh well.

Linking up with Erin this chilly Friday morning (love your blog, girl!).


Dear CTA: Thank you for making my commute to work this morning much more tolerable than any other morning. I thank the 3-4 day weekend that most schools and jobs have (except for me. damn you private sector jobs). I very much appreciated not being stepped on, having armpits in my face, and listening to high schoolers complain.

Dear Chicago Marathon Runners: I will be volunteering this Sunday for the race and will be posted at one of the First Aid tents waiting to take care of your injuries. I promise to be as nice as I can considering I have to be there at 5 am.

Dear Fall: I'm not going to lie, I don't really like you. I don't like the brisk, cold air that so many other Chicagoans love. I prefer your smoldering heat and barely tolerable humidity. I am a summer baby and need heat and temperatures above 75 degrees to function properly. So I ask that you hurry up and do your thing so I can be on my way to wearing my booty shorts again.

Dear Lululemon: You will be the death of my bank account. I am addicted to your phenomenal workout clothes and amazingly comfortable hoodies, but I am not addicted to your insanely high prices. Tone it down a little.

Dear Coffee: I will ALWAYS love you.

Dear Joseph Gordon-Levitt: You have become my new obsession. I will find you and make you mine. Be ready.

Dear Next Thursday: Hurry up and get here. This girl needs to get paid so I can go get those bad ass boots from Steve Madden. Patience is not my virtue.

Dear New York Police Department: You are my next challenge. Expect my presence sometime soon.


This weekend will be a sleepless weekend. I have big things happening on Saturday and as mentioned above, I will be volunteering at the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. I think I'm more excited for the free food, shirt and jacket that they will be giving out :)

Somewhere through out all of the chaos of this weekend, I hope to squeeze in some sleep and a good movie. There are so many movies coming out that I want to go see. Must make time. You can usually catch me at a coffee shop and/or theater on weekends. I'm an old lady at heart.

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Steph <3


  1. Haha thanks for the shout out buttt you're really linking up with Adventures of Newlyweds. Just don't want to take credit for Ashley's link up.

    But I am in love with JGL too! I wrote a letter to him last week after seeing his SNL dance moves. Oh em gee I die. I need to see Looper.

    1. Ahh so much to learn still!

      I saw his SNL dance moves, too. PHENOMENAL.