Tuesday, October 9, 2012

It's Almost Time...


Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year and I am super excited to partake in this year's festivities. I, along with many of my friends, will be doing a bar crawl this time around. We did the same crawl last year and it was tons of fun so we decided to do it again.

One of the [obvious] reasons why I love Halloween so much is dressing up (duh!) My best friend and I always dress up and have themed costumes. We love to up the ante and come up with better, more creative/hilarious/scary costumes each year. We used to host our own Halloween parties but that was back when we were in college and living in the BEST party apartment in Chicago. No lie, we threw some legit parties. Then life happened and we graduated college, moved out, got big girl jobs, and now live in a condo building that isn't too fond of loud parties. Boo. We seriously considered contacting our old landlord to let us use the apartment for one weekend to throw our Halloween party. Ridiculous, I know. are some pictures of our costumes throughout the years. Feel free to laugh, frown, judge, and make a "WTF" face.
Halloween 2008

This is me dressed up as Alice in Wonderland. However, I referred to myself as "Alicia" in Wonderland since 1. I am Mexican. 2. I do not have blonde hair. This was my "I want to dress up slutty for Halloween" phase. I was 21 and a senior in college. Completely allowed to do so. Ha.


This is my bff, Karla, AKA boo thang, my wife, life partner, battle buddy, partner in crime. She was dressed up as the Mad Hatter. You can't really see in the pic but her hat says 420/69. Classy, I know. She indeed was my partner in crime that night.

Halloween 2009

Absoluteley no theme here. We really couldn't decide on what to be and waited last minute to get our costumes. Per the obvious, Karla is dressed as a firefighter. I was a candy corn witch (wtf is that even supposed to be!?) I think I looked more like a scarecrow, but whatever. It was a fun Halloween nonetheless.

 Halloween 2010 (the most memorable)

Yes. That is us. I was a dinosaur (Stegosaurus, to be exact) and Karla was a flamingo. We hands down had the BEST costumes that year. I am obsessed with dinosaurs and finally made it happen that year. I ordered my costume from China (no tracking number, not a legit website) and was beyond worried that my costume would never arrive. But it did. And I rocked it.

Getting down.

No idea.

Halloween 2011

Zombies. We had so much fun with these costumes. Again, they were last minute ideas since we were out of the country at the time, but they came out fabulous! We legitimately scared so many people that night while out at the bar crawl. This was our first time doing an actual "scary" costume and we had a blast doing so. We will definitely do more scary costumes in the future (just not this year).
One of my favorite pictures from that night. The girl in the middle is our best friend, Maria. She was a pretty little bumble bee that was zombie bait.
Friends at the bar crawl
We really got into character that night :D
Halloween 2012
All of you in bloggerland will have to tune in and see what me and Karla have planned this year. This time, we are getting our costumes made since these costumes aren't really made by companies. We are so excited to show all of our friends and perhaps win a costume contest!
What are YOU going to be for Halloween this year?!
Much love,
Steph <3


  1. Wow, I can't even imagine what this year's costume will be after seeing these pics! ;-)

    Found you through Mingle Monday!

    1. Haha I'm excited for the turnout of the costumes but a little nerevous too. Hopefully they come out well. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Stellar costumes! My husband and I love to dress up. Two years ago we went as Juno and Bleaker, and I'm pretty proud of the picture that resulted. Can't wait to see what you have brewing for this year!