Thursday, November 1, 2012

Wake Up, Wake Up, Wake Up, It's The First Of The Month...

Its Ok Thursdays
Happy Thursday to all! I cannot believe it is already the first of November!! I'm still trying to accept the fact that summer is gone and will not be showing its beautiful face for a looong time. Sigh. Ridiculous, right?
Linking up this morning with Amber for It's Ok Thursday's:
It's OK...
|| that I completely hate the first of every month. Why? Because rent is due. Enough said.||
|| that 95% of my food intake yesterday was donuts, candy, oreo cake & chocolate covered pretzels. It was Halloween, how could I NOT eat any of those delicious goodies?||
||that I am even more completely obsessed with watching X Factor than I originally thought I was. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Britney Spears. I think she's made such a remarkable comeback since her head shaving days. I still loved her then, but I think she's even more fabulous now.||
|| to want to just put my life on pause, take a month long vacation, and then come back to reality ||
|| to love as hard as I do, eventhough it's not working out right now. In time, it will be ok.||
|| to want to ask my parents if they can maybe, possibly, hopefully buy me the Tory Burch riding boots I've been wanting for so long.||
|| to not be ashamed that I can still ask my parents for help, even though I decided to move out at 20 years old.||
|| that I completely regret setting up a LinkedIN account. I get CONSTANT e-mails from them and it drives me nuts. Not to mention, I never use the stupid thing. I should just delete it. Dur.||
I never did like how fast Halloween goes by and then BAM! Thanksgiving time. I need more time to enjoy Halloween and then slowly transition myself to being a complete fat ass and eating everything Thanksgiving related.
This post is seriously taking me years to post. I keep getting interrupted with meeting with the boss man. With that said, off to go work on the projects I have been assigned. Joy.
Hope everyone has a great day!
<3 Steph


  1. lol.. I hear you on the first of the month! I hate it for the same reasons! Your blog is so cute! Have a great weekend chica!

  2. Hey Stephanie,
    Thanks for stopping by Enjoying the Journey today! Love your post today and I agree that it would be great to put life on pause sometimes!

  3. I hate the first of the month!!! I love Halloween goodies! I am now following your blog check mine out :)