Monday, October 29, 2012

Milk & Cookies

Hello all! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. I will admit that I was so excited to blog about my weekend only because I wanted to reveal to all of you what my halloween costume was.
Annnddd here it is:
Karla (milk carton) Me (Oreo)
Me, Karla, Mel, Maria & Lauriel
Some of the crew
We had SO MUCH fun wearing our costumes!! I cannot even begin to tell you all just how many people approached us wanting pictures and asking how we made them. As I mentioned on Friday's post, we were going to enter a costume contest and were super confident that we were going to win. Well...we didn't. Some guy dressed as Edward Scissorhands won. I mean, c'mon! Not to be a hater and all, but his costume had no originality or creativity. The winner was determined by applause and this guy had a HUGE group of friends at the club, so of course, he won. Oh well. There's always next year. Ew, now I sound like a Chicago Cubs fan saying that. (Sox fan, baby!).
Anyways, it was great seeing all of my friends and their costumes. We danced the night away and my knees are killing me today. I obviously can't bust a move as hard as I could when I was 20. The joys of getting older. Not.
Sunday was spent recuperating from the night before. I didn't even drink and I woke up with the biggest headache. Not sure if the extremely loud music and fog smoke contributed to said headache but I may as well have been hungover.
In other news, I received some phenomenal news in the mail from one of the police departments I tested with! I will keep everyone updated as my journey progresses, but let's just say I'm REALLLLY excited!
Me and Karla plan on wearing our costumes to work this Wednesday. I can't wait! Bahaha.
<3 Steph


  1. I love your costume! Ah, to be young and living in the city... I remember those days! Visiting from the link up!


  2. What a great costume idea!
    Visiting from the linkup :)