Monday, October 15, 2012

Come back, Weekend!

Hi, Monday. You suck.
This weekend went by TOO fast, but then again, when doesn't it?
Linking up with Sami  this morning, here is a weekend recap:

Friday: Consisted of nearly 2 hours in traffic while on my way to my parent's house. The drive is usually about 40 minutes, but add in Friday rush hour, ridiculously slow, dumb drivers, 3 accidents ON the highway, 2 accidents OFF the highway, and you have one pissed off (and very hungry) Stephanie. I won't lie, I have the worst road rage ever. I scream, yell, and curse at people while on the road. My patience is very low for Chicagoland drivers. I'll also admit that I am that asshole driver that cuts people off, speeds, and will not tolerate anyone going under 75 mph. I grew up in a family of car lovers and fast driving - so as nicely as I can put it, get out of my way :)
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What I looked like on Friday.
Once I did make it home, I had dinner with my parents and studied for my police exam. I was in bed by 10:30. Exciting, I know.
Saturday: I had my police exam at 8 am. I did quite well on the first portion, was allowed to take the second portion, and will now have to wait to receive my final score. Only the top 20 will be called back for interviews and only 1 will be hired. Crazy, I know. I will be keeping my fingers crossed and anxiously waiting to receive my letter in the mail.
Saturday evening was spent having dinner with my best friend, Maria, where we stuffed our faces and washed everything down with a big piece of cheesecake. Yum. After dinner, we went to the movies to see Sinister.
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I WAS PETRIFIED THE ENTIRE TIME. Horror movies are my favorite but I am such a baby when it comes to watching them. I was literally curled up in a ball and hiding behind my jacket the ENTIRE time. All in all, I liked the movie. It was so twisted and messed up on so many levels but I still enjoyed it. However, I didn't enjoy driving home at 12:30 in the morning with the thought of something hiding in the back seat of my car.
Sunday: Karla and I spent majority of our afternoon/evening working on our Halloween costumes. I am proud to report that they are 90% done and we cannot wait for the finsished product. We are going to look phenomenally ridiculous. After our many hours spent working on the costumes, we stuffed our faces with Chinese food and watched the season premier of The Walking Dead. Karla was the one that paid more attention to it than I did. I just sat on the couch in la-la land, slowly digesting the pounds of grease I had just consumed.

This morning was spent waking up at the butt crack of dawn to drive out to a police department to pick up their application. This particular department was only handing out 250 applications so it was on a first-come, first-served basis. Luckily, I got there 15 minutes after they released them and I was number 44 in line. Pheeew. Now majority of my time will be spent filling out their application, which is the size of a small magazine. Fun.

 Here's to hoping this week zooms by. Peace and chicken grease.

<3 Steph



  1. Police exam! Dang, that is hardcore. Hope everything goes well with your application! I helped an ex work through many of those and they are intense!

    1. Thanks! And yes, they are extremely intense! They seriously make me want to pull my hair out. Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. So glad you found me! I can't wait to read some of your old posts and get to know you! I think we're going to get along REALLY well ;) For one thing you like Brit Brit and I saw the post on your time in London (I LOVE London - my heaven on earth!!!) and those are quite literally two of my greatest loves in the world! ;)

    That pic of the dog with road rage is cracking me up! Hilarious! You're the second person I've read that watched Sinister. I'm a big baby when it comes to scary movies too, but sometimes it is fun to scare yourself :) Especially this time of year :)

    Crossing my fingers for you that you'll be the lucky one that gets the police job! Sending you good vibes!

    1. Thanks for the good vibes! I noticed that you mentioned you love London on your blog too - definitely heaven on Earth! I miss it so much.

      Brit Brit and X Factor are what's up, can't wait to watch it this week :)

  3. Good luck with the job!

    Currently stressing over our Halloween costumes this year, my husband keeps suggesting the same one every year. hahaha

    Steph @

    1. Thanks! It's amazing how Halloween costumes can become so stressful, hope you and your hubby come up with some awesome costumes :)