Thursday, November 15, 2012


Its Ok Thursdays
Phewww this week is flying by. I have neglected my blogging duties this week but only because it's been quite a chaotic week. Lots of great things have happened annnddd lots of not so great things have also happened. But I have to keep on pressing on.
Let's get on with It's OK Thursday's:
It's OK...
...that I keep putting off going to the gym. The cold weather makes me want to stay on my couch and eat lots of oreo cookies... be super nervous and excited for my first ever police interview. I WILL NAIL THIS... not be very excited for the holiday's. I'll keep my reasons to myself...for now... feel absolutely fabulous when wearing my new Steve Madden boots. Some lady complimented them while I was waiting for the bus. Yeah!... be excited for tonight's happy hour with my boys who studied abroad in London with me... be absolutely head over heels in love with my best friend eventhough our careers (more so his) aren't allowing us to be together right now. In due time... be loyal to everyone around me even when they may not be loyal to me... be completely obsessed with
Ciao bellas!

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