Thursday, November 29, 2012

As Promised

Its Ok Thursdays
Keeping my promise from yesterday's post, here we go:
It's OK...
...that I've neglected my blogging duties for almost two weeks. I became one busy gal. be anxiously waiting to hear back from the police department I interviewed with yesterday (a big reason why I didn't blog. I was busy preparing for said interview). be over fall/winter already. It hasn't even snowed in Chicago yet but I'm not remotely ready for it. Hurry up, summer! be super excited for tonight's dinner date with my girls. There's this 24 hour diner in Indiana that we absolutely love and today will be the first time in months that we all get to go. Yay for more fatness! not have to worry too much about Christmas shopping. My family isn't really big on exchanging gifts so it's a big relief. have a zillion and one holiday parties to go to and no new holiday dresses. Eeeekkk!
...that i want to eat an entire oreo pie. By myself. No shame. How I still manage to weigh 112 pounds is beyond me, but I'll take it. Probably won't be saying that in a year lol.
... that I have bought 3 pairs of boots in 2 weeks. I have a problem.
As I mentioned above, I had my first interview with a police department yesterday. I kept it hush-hush only because I wanted to realllyyy focus on preparing for it. It was one of the most nerve wracking experiences ever. I could literally hear my heart beating while sitting across from all of the commissioners. Overall, I think I did ok considering it was my first interview. Now it's another big waiting game. No idea when I'll find out how I did but I'm hoping it'll be realtively soon. I have another police test next month and will begin my hibernation starting next week. I will be enclosed in my aparrtment studying and at the gym training for the physical test. At least I'll be in shape for the holidays!
Alright, enough about cop stuff.
Can I just say that Pinterest has terribly aided in my shopping addiction? It's HORRIBLE. I cannot believe how out of control I have gotten with buying clothes, shoes, & scarves. Thank you baby jesus for holiday bonuses at work!
Too bad I didn't win the Powerball Jackpot. One day. Yeah right.
Hope everyone has had an awesome week. One more day til Friday!
<3 Steph

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  1. I'm sure you did GREAT on your interview chica! I'll be praying that you hear good news soon! Have fun with your girls at dinner!