Friday, November 2, 2012

Friday, I love you.

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Happy Happy Happy Friday, everyone!
This week flew by fast, and of course, the weekend is bound to fly by even faster.
Linking up this chilly Friday morning with Leslie for Confessional Friday:
 I confess that I woke up in a pretty great mood and reaaalllyy hope it stays like that all day. I've had minimal sleep this week so waking up feeling good was a pleasant surprise.
I confess that I have another police exam tomorrow and am very excited/nervous. I've studied my booty off this entire week and I'm ready to kick some ass.
I confess that I had an amazing dinner date last night with two of my best friends. We went to one of our favorite Italian restaurants, Via Carducci La Sorella , and stuffed our faces with delicious pasta and bread.  
I confess that my patience has been greatly tested these past 3 months. Patience is not my virtue but I am hoping that everything will work out for the best with all of my diligent effort to just wait, hope, and pray.
I confess that I had the slightest urge to want to cut my hair and go with a shorter look and then quickly realized how horrible of an idea that was. I went through a phase of cutting my hair while I was in college, and while it looked great, it was such a hassle to maintain. You would think that long hair would be harder to manage, but not my hair. So looks like I'll be sticking to long locks. Long hair, don't care.
I confess that I am very upset that David Correy was sent home on last night's episode of X Factor. He was one of my favorites and I really thought he'd make it far on the show. Apparently not :(
I hope everyone has a great weekend!
<3 Steph

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  1. I'm glad you took a minute to think about getting a hair cut. I thought I wanted bangs over the summer, so I got them, and I can't stand them! Can't wait til they grow out!

    Hope you did well on your test and are having a fabulous weekend!