Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sweet Tunes I Can't Skip

I was reading Sami's blog today and she did an awesome post of her top 15 songs that she can't skip. Actually, her post was part deux of her first top 15 songs, but I don't blame her for making another list. A girl needs her jams to rock out! So I figured I would compile a list of my top 20 songs that I CANNOT skip over when I hear them.
This list will be ALL OVER THE PLACE. So hold on to your pants. I love all kinds of music.
1. Flashing Lights by Kanye West
I am a HUGE Kanye fan. HUGE. You guys don't even know. I met him my junior year of college when his Graduation album came out. This song is featured on that album and it reminds me of all the awesome times I had in school that year. I requested this song everywhere I went...pretty sure my friends got annoyed with me doing so.
2. Escape by Enrique Iglesias.
Ok, guys. This is serious stuff. I am in COMPLETE love with this man. Utter love. Obsessed. Infatuated.I met him 5 years ago after much stalking lol. Since gracing my television screen at 8 years old, I have been in love. I will marry him one day. Anyway, this song is one of my favorite English tracks by him. I'm more of a fan of his old English music and this song always gets me. Plus, he still performs it at his concerts so that's a plus.
3. Edge of Desire by John Mayer
By far by favorite John Mayer song. This song has to be one of his most underrated songs and I think I like it like that. I had this song on repeat all summer long because it described my feelings and situation perfectly.
4. More Than A Feeling by Boston
This is such a great "feel good" song. This song reminds me of my freshman year at college when all of my fraternity friends would blast it in the dorms. Who cares that we were rockin out to a 70s song in 2005?! I also turn this shiz up whenever I hear it in the car.
5. Bidi Bidi Bom Bom by Selena
This is also serious business. I grew up listening to Selena as a little girl. This song was the first song I learned word for word and would belt it out around the house. Selena was our Madonna and it was a complete devastation when she was murdered. R.I.P  
6.Insane In The Membrane by Cypress Hill
This song is a 90s classic. My brother was a HUGE Cypress Hill fan when he was in high school and this song would always be on in the house and his car. Whenever we're both out and hear this song, we go nuts and sing (rap) together lol.
7. This Is How We Do It by Montell Jordan
Another 90s classic. I go crazy when this comes on the radio. I was 9 years old when this song came out and even then it had me dancing.
8. Mr. Tambourine Man by: Bob Dylan
Bob Dylan is legenadary. This song is legendary. Enough said.
9. I Wanna Dance With Somebody by: Whitney Houston
How can this song not get you in an awesome mood?! No matter where I am, if I hear it, I'm shakin my booty.
10. We Found Love by: Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris
I am obsessed with this song. It makes my heart happy. I think it will forever be in my top 5 favorite songs.
11. Fix You by Coldplay
Such a beautiful song with powerful lyrics. I've seen them twice in concert and get goosebumps whenever they perform this.
12. As Long As You Love Me by Backstreet Boys
I was (still am) the BIGGEST BSB fan growing up and this was one of their first songs that I heard. After I watched the video, it was love and beautiful history after that. I saw them twice in concert last year when they toured with NKOTB. I am a teeny bopper at heart.
13. Bump N Grind by R. Kelly
I'm from Chicago. R. Kelly is from Chicago. This is a CLASSIC and not to mention, some baby makin music. Love this jam.
14. Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen
I am a die hard Queen fan and this song cannot go unoticed, unplayed, unheard of wherever you go. I love karaokeeing to this too lol.
15. All Eyes On Me by 2 Pac
I love rap music. I love (good) rap music. 2 Pac was the greatest rapper of all time. This came out when I was in elementary school and although I probably shouldn't have been listening to it at that time, this song is featured on one of his best albums.
16. The Middle by Jimmy Eat World
This song always puts me in a good mood. I used to listen to it in high school and college whenever I was stressed because of finals. Now I just rock out to it wherever I am.
17. Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson
The King of Pop. My all time favorite. No further explanation is needed.
18. A Decade Under The Influence by Taking Back Sunday
I accidentally got into TBS when I was 18. One of my best friends invited me to an Angels and Airwaves concert where TBS was the opening act. It was my first (and last) moshing experience and I was hooked on this song after that.
19. I Won't Give Up by Jason Mraz
This song is dear to my heart because I relate to every single freakin lyric to the song. It makes me cry. It makes me hurt. But it reminds me that I'm not giving up.
20. You Make Me Wanna by Usher
Ooooohhhh weeeeeeee. I was 10 when this came out. I drooled when I watched the video. I fell in complete lust for this man. This is one of my all time favorite Usher songs. I like his old stuff waayyyy better than his new material. I think he's lost touch with the swooning R&B that made him so famous. He needs to go back that instead of the glowstick music he's been making lately.
And that's it for now!! There are defintely more songs that would make my list but these are the ones that I absolutely know for a fact get my full attention when they come on.

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  1. you've got some really good ones on here that I never pass up either! great list :)