Friday, November 9, 2012

Is this week over yet?


Happy Friday to all in bloggerland! This week seems like it took forever and a day to end. The elction made it feel like it was twice as long, glad that's all over with. People STILL have on their cranky pants because of the election, hopefully they change them or just take the damn pants off and relax.
Dear Boss: Thank you for giving Karla and me courtside tickets to last night's Bulls game. Even though we lost, we had an AWESOME time. Not too many people can say that they sat 10 feet from some of the best players in the NBA.
Noah baby!
Dear Coffee: You came out WAY too sugary for me this morning. I am a little displeased with starting off my Friday morning with a mediocre cup of coffee.
Dear Weekend: I am excited that you're finally here and that I won't have to wake up at 4 a.m for another police exam. I will definitely be sleeping in!
Dear You Know Who You Are: Hurry up and get your ish together so we can get back to being awesome together. This girl misses you a lot.
Dear Radio: Why do you always cut out Left Eye's part in all of the old school TLC songs that you play? I like to rap to her part so please stop cutting it out. Rude.
Dear new Steve Madden boots: I love you so much. Even though I had to hold off on wearing you since I had to exchange you for a half size smaller, you were worth the wait and look fabulous on my feet. I may be a little obsessed.
Dear XSport: I reluctantly signed up for your membership again. You and I broke up about a year ago but now I have had to suck it up and get back with your smelly, crowded self. Be good to me so I don't have to cancel you again. And make my muscles big. And get me a nicer, toned ba-donk a donk.
Dear Credit/Debit Card: I am warning you that you will be getting confiscated by Karla while I am at work so I don't run out to the stores and use you. After yesterday's credit card bill, you need to relax and stop demanding everything that you want. You must be getting tired of getting swiped so much. Not.
Dear Weather: You're supposed to be in the mid 60s this weekend and then drop down to 30 something mid next week. Just stop. You're not kidding anyone. I know you're just playing with every Chicagoan's emotions making them think that this winter isn't going to be SO brutal. But I know your gimics, you're going to be the nastiest little biotch and make everyone freeze their booty's off and make commuting impossible. I hate you. Tell your friend, Summer, that I can't wait for her to get here.
Hope everyone has a great & safe weekend!
<3 Steph

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