Thursday, November 8, 2012

It's OK

Its Ok Thursdays
It's that time again. Time to link-up with Amber for It's OK Thursdays.
What's OK with me this week?
It's OK...
That I had a mini heart attack after viewing my credit card statement this morning. I need to stop shopping so much. Yeah right.
That I have decided not to take this weekend's police exam. After last week's let down, I have decided to focus on training and getting stronger in order to kick ass on the next physical. I have about 3 weeks until the next exam so I will be a hardcore gym rat the next couple of weeks. Like my daddy told me, "You're smart. You can improve your strength, you can't fix stupid."
To be utterly disgusted with some people's ignorant, shameless, and racial comments about the election. It really dissapoints me to know that our country is still so divided and stuck on race. Get over it.
To be in complete love with the two new pairs of boots I bough from Steve Madden this week. My feet absolutely love them! (But not my bank account.)
To not be fully ready for the holiday's. I can't believe how fast this year flew by!!
That I will be looking for holiday dresses reaallly soon. My boss & his wife host an anual Christmas party at their house at the begining of December & my company has their anual extravaganza mid December. These parties get nuts. My dress has to match the night's energy ;)  
That I cry a little every time I watch Chicago Fire because it reminds me of my firefighter. Sigh. Shut up, Steph. Just shut up. Don't talk about it just yet.
That my roommate bought me an entire french silk pie & I will more than likely devour the whole thing by tonight.
That I absolutely hate scented detergent because it messes with my skin.
That I am finally eligible for a phone upgrade but will probably hold off until my phone completely dies on me. #TeamNoIphone
What's OK with you this week???


  1. I love Christmas parties, how fun! Goodluck dress shopping!

  2. Girl you are going to kick ass on your Physical! I just know it! I hear you on the credit card statement I got mine a few days ago and actually wanted to cry! Oh well the way I look at it you only live once so enjoy life while were here right! Hubby didn't agree lol.... oops...

  3. I need to stop shopping too. Maybe I'll try to do that. Or make a budget...