Monday, December 10, 2012


It's only 11:06 and this Monday has already started off on the wrong foot. I haven't mentioned much about the neighbors that live above me but that's about to change right now.
My roommate and I live in a condo building that has four floors, we are on the third. We have the corner unit so it's pretty nice not having neighbors next to us. The neighbors across from us are super cool and have never had a problem with them. However, the obnoxious people who live above us have made living there quite the experience. Long story short: they're loud, obnoxiously loud. We have communicated with them several times about their noise level (and not to mention the time their washer overflowed and leaked into our laundy room, all while they were home and had absolutely no idea what was going on. IDIOTS) but it hasn't helped much. We've even had our landlord talk to them. Recently, their obnoxious noise level has also turned into long ongoing sex fests through out the night and in the morning. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not hating on them for that. Go ahead and get it, but C'MON, their bed is RIGHT above me and I can hear evvveerrryyyything. I brought this up to them (pretty sure they were embarrassed, but I have a minimal social filter and like to make people feel absolutely terrible when annoying me for whatever reason) and it seemed to have calmed down just a bit. Whatever. Fine.
Well, this morning as my roommate was leaving for work, she texted me telling me that someone had removed our names from our mailbox. This is the second time this has happened. The first time, we only had a flimsy little piece of paper on their so we didn't think much of it. We replaced it with a pretty big piece of paper with tape over it. So this tells us that whoever removed it deliberately did so considering you actually had to try and stand there to peel everything off. I was irate. Play all the pranks you want but don't fuck with my mail. Excuse my french. I'm also certain that it's safe to assume that it is them who are doing this. We have absolutely no other problems or complaints with any of the other neighbors. So now I'm thinking on what I can do. Legally and personally, they don't know who they are messing with. I can either let it go (which I never do) or retaliate in a very meticulous, clever way (which I am phenomenal at doing).
What a joy, right?
My weekend was quite eventful.
Friday - I was suposed to go out for my friend's girlfriend's birthday. Didn't happen. Instead, I spent it at the ER with one of my best friends. She was complaining of chest pains that were getting worse throughout the day. She ended up leaving work at around 1:30, I joined her at 5, and we didn't get out until 10 at night! Ridiculous. I've had my share of ER visits so I knew it was going to take a while, but not THAT long. Unfortunately, the dr's couldn't figure out what was wrong so they sent her home with pain meds. Poo.
Saturday: My roommate and I went to our boss' Christmas party which was the We stuffed our faces with delicious food and desserts, I had 5 pomegranate martinis and 4 shots of Patron ( can we say LUSH or whaaat). I rarely drink anymore. The last time I legitimately got white girl wasted was about 2 years ago. So you can just imagine what I was like. Ha. Surprisingly, I didn't wake up with a terrible hangover. Tired, yes. But no pounding headache that felt like baby aliens were trying to come out. Sadly, I did not take any pictures so I can't share with you just how awesome the food and decorations were.
Sunday: Ate, laundry, ate some more, studied, bed.
This week is my job's Christmas party and things get ROWDY reallllll fast. I promise to take pics that day to share.
I have another police exam this Saturday so that means hardcore studying and gym time.
Now I have to get back and plot my revenge on the wretched neighbors.
I hope everyone has a much more fabulous Monday! <3

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  1. sounds like you work with a dun group!! sorry about your neighbors, I feel you on this!
    Helene in Between