Monday, February 18, 2013


Buenas tardes to all in bloggerland! I (surprisingly) have some free time to write because I may or may not be playing hookie from work. Technically, I'm not, because I told my boss I wasn't coming in, but I originally was supposed to go in ---Gahhh I'm ranting now. 

I digress.

I still can't fully disclose the good news that I mentioned in my last post but I'm hoping that I will be able to share it with everyone relatively soon. **fingers crossed!**

This weekend was BUUUUSSY y'all. I'm talking conquering all of the Chicagoland area like it was my business. 

Friday: I spent it with Mr. Firefighter celebrating Valentine's Day (he was on shift the day of) and we had a delicious dinner at a tapas restaurant filled with great conversation and me swooning  at his handsome self. We tried an octopus tapas dish that was surprisingly very delicious. You don't really think of eating octopus for a Valentine's Day dinner, do ya? We also had these delicious shrimp and chorizo skewers which were the My mouth is watering just thinking about them #fatgirlproblems

Flowers from le firefighter. 

Unfortunately, I was not able to get pictures of us together from our evening. To be honest, we have maybe about 5 pictures together. I need to work on this because this is just unacceptable. Anywhoodle, after dinner, we came back to my place and watched End Of Watch (because I love anything cop related AND Jake Gyllenhaal is ridiculously good looking) while I oh so gloriously scarfed down a giant red velvet cupcake. Yum :)

Now, I've seen a lot of girls do crafty, cutesey candy related gifts for their men which I think is so cool, but let me tell you guys something: Mr. Firefighter is not a fan of desserts :( Like AT ALL. This man avoids them at all costs. He's very much into his physique and clean eating and it's nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get him to eat anything that has sugar in it. He has absolutely no problem ordering me ginormous desserts and laughing at me while I try to finish it all so I guess it works out. 

Saturday: Holy shit balls was Saturday one hectic day. I had 4 parties to attend. IN 3 DIFFERENT CITIES. I was in such a rush and was having some intense sweating attacks but I made it work. I spent majority of the day in my car but I was happy to see all of my friends and family, even if it was more a short amount of time. 

My Goddaughter's 15th Birthday. She is absolutely beautiful and I am so honored to be in her life and watch her become such a smart and beautiful young lady.

Ready for birthday celebrations.

Me and the birthday girl 
(no, she's not Chinese, just always looks like it)

It was Vanessa's birthday on Saturday and she had me drive alllll the way to Indiana just so I could shake my booty with her. We didn't get to the bar until 12:30 and STILL had to wait in line in below zero weather. Needless to say, I was not a happy girl waiting in that line. But once the bouncer let us in, I was ready to shake what my momma gave me. The best thing? I didn't wear heels so I thought that my feet wouldn't hurt as bad while dancing. Yeah, no. I was wrong. My feet were in pain just as if they had on some 6 inch heels on. Fail.

Sunday: Spent it recovering from all of the driving and booty shaking that I did. I also met up with my girl, Maria, and stuffed my face with french silk pie and a cup of coffee the size of my head. Can we say diabetic coma? 

I am still in need of some major sleep and a good meal because I am lacking in all of those departments. Friday needs to hurry up. 

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!



  1. Great pictures! You and your Goddaughter are gorgeous!

    1. Thanks Monica! She's going to be a little heartbreaker lol.

  2. Whoa- that must be a really good friend if you drove all the way to Indy to party with her! I'm exhausted just reading all the running around, but sounds super fun! Hope you get some rest!