Sunday, February 24, 2013

Shame. Not Really.

The Oscars are on and I'm not watching them. 

Instead, I went out for a girls movie date and saw Safe Haven. Josh Duhamel is such a hottie. 

I'm pretty sure he's at the Oscar's right now with Fergie and her lovely baby bump. See what I did there? Yes? No? Ok, moving on. 

Why don't I watch the Oscars? Because I don't think I have the same critique and standards when it comes to movies compared to most of the population. It reeeaaallly takes a lot for me to dislike a movie. Or to criticize it until I can't breathe. I love movies and I'm constantly going to the theater to see what's playing. But do I get excited about screenplays, video effects, best supporting actor, blah blah blah? Absolutely not. 

Now the Grammys? Pheewwwwww that's a whole different story, partner. As I've mentioned in a previous post, I have been watching the Grammys since 1999. I love music, all types of music. Now that's something I have a strong opinion and critique about. Perhaps it's because I was in band for almost 10 years and developed a thing or two when it comes to music and its composition. 

But to each their own, right? 

I'll be catching up on who won what, who wore what, and who did who...what? 


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  1. I try to watch to see what they're wearing, but I get bored. That's so cool that you were in a band! What kind of band was it?

    I left you an award on my blog!