Thursday, January 31, 2013

Slackin Part 2

Its Ok Thursdays
It's been QUITE the week.
Here's what's OK with me this week:
That I completely forgot that the Superbowl is this Sunday. Oops. This NEVER happens. I'm a die hard Superbowl fanatic forgot. Go Niners!
That I haven't made it to the gym in over a week. I'm trying, guys. Trying
That I have developed an addiction to NARS cosmetics. Hellooo? Where have I been all this time?!
That I consumed about 5,796 calories at last night's dinner. That vanilla milkshake was callin my name.
To be ready to get out of work and go home to watch me some American Idol. I only watch the auditions every year but Niki Minaj is making it really hard to sit through the entire episode. That British accent needs to stop. Seriously, girlfriend. Listen to yourself.
To not be so accepting about Kimye's pregnancy. I LOOOVE Kanye and I'm just not sure how this baby is going to affect his career. Don't let me down, Ye.
That I get made fun of at work for never doing my hair. Seriously, guys, it's bad. I have really long, thick hair that takes FOREVER to dry and style. I don't make the effort to set aside an extra hour in the morning to style it so I just dry it and put it up in a ridiculous messy bun (see below)
go ahead and judge, I can take it ;)
So as I mentioned above, it really has been QUITE the week. I'll get right to it.
Mr. Firefighter's car was stolen last Friday night/Saturday morning and he has been SO angry and upset all week about it. I can't blame him, I'd be throwing punches and going on a hunt for the mother effer who did it. Unfortunately, the car was found at an impound lot completely stripped of all its parts. These guys took EVERYTHING. I've been very upset about it all week only because there's very little I can do about it. He's such a hardworking guy who just started a new job with a new fire department earlier this month so the timing couldn't be any worse. His old department was less than 10 minutes away from his place and his current department is about an hour drive. The whole thing just makes me really angry. So many hardworking people out there and all it takes is for some cold hearted asshole to ruin your day, week, month, whatever it may be.
This only furthers my aspiration to become a police officer even more. UGH.
I wish I had more positive things to say but it's been rough.
Here's to hoping things get better and that his insurance comes through relatively quick.
I hope all of you out in bloggerland are having a better week!

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