Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Crock Pot Recipe Suggestions

I see that I have a couple of new followers, yay! I hope everyone enjoyed the "Facts About Me" post I did yesterday. I could seriously go on with a zillion more facts about me but then I'm going to come off as self centered lol. So I'll spare you guys the ramble.
I want to talk, er, write, about crock pots. Yes, crock pots. I have one but I've only used it twice with minimal success :/ As I mentioned in yesterday's post, I love to cook. It's seriously becoming one of my favorite things to do (future wifey status, whhaaa? Kidding. Kind of.) Anyway, I'm a bit clueless when it comes to crock pot recipes, so I would love suggestions! I already have gotten some of my friends to give me some of their favorite recipes but I'm itching to learn more. I looked up some recipes on the internet but I personally like to learn from others, not saying that the interent recipes don't come from actual people, you know what I mean. 
I'm getting to the point where I'm becoming extremely busy and don't have time to make dinner because I get home butt ass late. This is when crock pot recipes would come in handy so I could prepare meals before I leave for work.
Until then, I will search Pinterest for recipes, because Pinterest recipes are the
So to everyone in blogger land, what are some of your favorite crock pot recipes?


  1. These are my two favorite:

    Crock Pot Lasagna. I have even adopted the sauce as "my own" because it's that good.

    Chicken and Dumplings. Easy easy easy recipe and it always gets rave reviews. I add carrots, too.


    1. Thanks girl! I will be sure to try these out :)

  2. I got a crockpot and I loooove it! Seriously, I'm not a great cook, but this makes it so easy. I ahve two favorites- this beef stew:

    And this bufffalo chicken (for sliders)- though I would suggest adding just a tad less of the hot sauce- it was a bit too spicy for me, and I like spice!

    Also, I've made those Chicken and Dumplings from the recipe Shauna mentioned- it's delicious! Good luck!

    Also- thanks for commenting on my blog! I wanted to write back to you, but you're a no-reply blogger! Just letting you know. Thanks again!

    1. Thanks girl! And how do I not become a no-reply blogger? Lol. Is there a setting for this?

    2. Nevermind - I think i fixed the problem! lol. Hopefully it works. Thanks so much for letting me know :)