Friday, December 14, 2012

Sickly Friday

It's Friday. And I feel like a dead dog. Sick as heyyyall.
Linking up with Leslie , these are my confessions (I can't help but to start singing Usher's Confession's song when I say that)...
I confess...that I am one sick mess. I can't win this winter. I just can't. And of course, I haddd to get sick this week...
I confess... that because of said sickness, I will have to miss my police exam tomorrow. I am VERY upset with this. I would suck it up and go but considering they're administering both the physical AND written tests on the same day, no way I'll last all 6-8 hours. I was sick for a previous police exam, but since it was broken up into two days, I was able to tough it out. Plus, this cough sounds and feels horrendous. I doubt all of the other candidates would want to put up with my sickly sef **sigh**
I confess... that I will be heading home this weekend to my parent's house to have my momma take care me of me and make me all of her crazy Mexican concoctions to get me better. Annnddd maybe I can get my dad to spoil me some. What dad likes to see theei 25 year-old daughter sick? Tee hee hee.
I confess... last night was my job's Christmas party and I had a fabulous time eventhough I was coughing and sneezing my life away. I avoided talking to people in the beginning only because my cough was so bad that I could hardly hold more than a 5 second conversation. I danced my booty off and now cannot feel my toes on my left foot. Literally, they're numb. I must've pinched a nerve or something. Oh well. The lunch was held at Chicago Cut Steakhouse and the reception was held at Vertigo Skylounge. Both places were fabbuulous. My company knows how to get down.
Karla, me, Vanessa. KJS Trio. Taken at Chicago Cut Steakhouse.
Vanessa and me at the reception - Vertigo Skylounge at the Dana Hotel. Downtown Chicago. BEAUTIFUL skyline.
I confess... since I unfortunately will be missing out on tomorrow's police exam, I will be filling out 2 more applications for police departments. This little lady means business with this!
I confess... that I was just informed about the tragic shooting in Connecticut. I CANNOT believe how many innocent little kids were killed in this sensless act. People are sick. People suck. Another reason why I want to work in law enforcement. And another thing, all of these comments from people that I keep reading saying, "I thought we lived in the safest place in America"...stop it. Living in the nicest neighborhood isn't going to make you invincible from violence. Stop being oblivious to the fact that anyone can wake up one day with pure evil in their heart and execute a horrible act of violence. Bad things don't just happen in the hood, people. Get your facts straight and stop thinking that your community is exempt from all violence.
On that note...
I hope everyone has a great and safe weekend!

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  1. Your dress is so cute- love it! Looks like an awesome Christmas party! Hope you're feeling better!