Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Per The Usual

Let's face it:

I'm never going to be a "good" blogger. 


Life has been INSANE. These past two weeks have flown by so fast, I can't hardly believe it. That sounds so cliche to say. 

I started my new job with the police department and I'm at the end of completing my second week. I will start the police academy next Monday and that will be 12 glorious weeks of training. 

Gooooooodbye social life. 

My bed time went from 12:30-1 am to now being 10:30 pm. Talk about a major lifestyle change. Ugh. 

All for the better, right? 

It better be, dammit. 

Even though I don't blog much anymore, I still keep up with all of my favorite blogs. You guys make for some awesome reading material after a long day at the station. 

(I love saying "long day at the station" as opposed to "long day at the office.")

My eyes are beginning to shut and it's only 8:54. 3 weeks ago I was barely getting home from work and finishing dinner. It is absolutely crazy how things can change so fast. 

Mr. Firefighter is doing well. He actually got anooottther offer for a bigger fire department and ended up taking that position. I'm so proud of him and am so grateful to have him by my side while I'm going through all of my cop stuff. 

Speaking of, I had an awesome "big girl job" party about two weeks ago. I even had the best police cake made for the event. 

Annndddddd I really should post pictures of the party/cake but I'm too lazy and tired so I'll just keep you guys bored. 

Maybe next time. 

Speaking of "maybe next time," baseball has started. That means some good ole' trash talking and tram bashing all throughout Chicago. I'm a die hard Sox fan and my life seems to be surrounded by Cubs fans. Not a good combo. And "maybe next time" reminds me of "there's always next year" for all the Cubbie fans out there. 

Enough rambling. This grandma needs to hit the sack pronto. 


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